Precious Stone Investment is an indigenous mining company operating in Sierra Leone. It is mainly focused on mining and agriculture, exporting of gold, rough diamond, zircon, rutile, bauxite, iron ore, platinum, cacao and coffee. It was formed in 2009 as a family business, which comprised by then of a few family members, who were mostly miners and farmers. Since then it has grown into a large indigenous mining company that mine and export gold and rough diamond to both local and international markets. Precious Stone Investment has over 600 miners working in their various mining sites in Sierra Leone and Guinea Conakry. Our conditions of transaction are unique and incomparable and we export gold and diamond to any destination.

Sierra Leone is among the competing African countries that have the largest deposit of alluvial gold and rough diamond, which is why Gold and diamond mining activity is one of the oldest occupation in Sierra Leone, which has put Sierra Leone on top the list of the largest producers and suppliers of gold and diamond in the West African sub region. Sierra Leone gold and diamond miners export the best quality gold and rough diamond of preferable shapes, color grading and purity and one of the African countries where large diamond stones have been found; the largest diamond ever discovered was in 2002 in Kono district, weighing 1444 carat and was sold for 75 million dollars in Belgium. Other large stones include the ‘Star of Sierra Leone’ weighing 969.8ct was also discovered in February 1972 in Kono. In 1970, the Sefadu diamond was discovered in the Dominco mine, weighing 620ct. In 1969, the “:Zale light of peace” weighing 435ct was discovered. In 1996, two stones weighing 188ct and 283ct; and in 1997, several large stones weighing 524ct, 700ct and 900ct; were recovered from unspecified locations. In 2006, a 152.42ct diamond was discovered east of Koidu Town. In 2007, two pieces weighing 143.4ct and 129.7ct were discovered. All diamond transaction in Sierra Leone follows a strict Kimberley certification process before export.