Sierra Leone is largely known for its large deposits of gold, diamond, platinum, bauxite, ore, and other minerals. Indigenous mining system in Sierra Leone is still of artisan nature which, in effect, has been resulting in the wastage of gold and diamond. We have large rivers, streams and swamps surrounded by large mountains sitting on top of large acres of land. The nature and environment of this mining site makes it absolutely impenetrable by ordinary artisan mining tools. According to the feasibility studies and geological analysis conducted by our geologists recently, there are huge potentials to be tapped in this area if advance industrial mining system is implemented. Serious partnership is needed for this mining venture. Successful implementation of this project will largely benefit both parties. Interested individuals or companies should please contact us for negotiation.

Sierra Leone has large deposit of various minerals including gold, diamond, rutile, iron ore and bauxite. There has been large increase in the amount of gold and diamond being export recently as a result of more gold and diamond deposits being discovered recently in Sierra Leone thus mining activities have been increased in proportion. Sierra Leone has just emerged as having the largest deposit of iron ore in Africa and oil has also recently been discovered and there are many oil blocks being put out for bidding. Sierra Leone government welcomes companies and individuals willing to invest in Sierra Leone. You are welcome to partner with us today.