Years of experience and long ties with the major artisan mining groups in Sierra Leone has given us an edge in the mining sector as one of the biggest exporters of rough diamond in Sierra Leone and Africa as a whole. We are prided on being among the major indigenous mining companies in Sierra Leone that have the largest number of miners both in Sierra Leone and the neighboring Guinea Conakry and also among the largest producers and exporters of rough diamond annually. We mine and export rough diamond (uncut diamond), fine white diamond, fancy rough diamond of pyramid and round shapes, color grading D - H, and of VVS1 – VVS2 purity and good quality bonny light crude oil with a favorable conditions of transaction and in large quantity.All our diamond export is accompanied by Kimberley certificate. We also export gold of 23+ carat quality and 99.9% purity, iron ore, bauxite, rutile, zircon, platinum and other semi precious stones. Our prices are incomparable. Supplying genuine quality rough diamond, white rough diamond and colored fancy rough diamond at the minimum local prices is our priority.