Sierra Leone is among the major countries that have the largest deposit of gold and diamond in the West Africa sub region and also among the major producers and exporters of good quality raw gold and rough diamond in Africa. Beside the foreign mining companies operating in Sierra Leone, the largest export of gold and diamond comes from the artisan mining that occupies 70% of the mining activity. Senehun Minerals is one of the major indigenous mining companies in Sierra Leone that exports the largest quantity of gold dust, gold bars and gold nuggets and of recent, platinum, Iron ore, rutile and bauxite and good quality bonny light crude oil with a favorable conditions of transaction and in large quantity.

We maintain our leadership grip as one of the major producers and exporters of gold and diamond in Sierra Leone by partnering and supporting other artisan mining activities in the major mining chiefdom in Sierra Leone, which has been a pillar behind our increase of production and export. Supplying good quality gold and diamond at the minimum local prices is always our target. Senehun Minerals is the leading indigenous mining company in Sierra Leone that produces and export high quality gold dust, gold bar, gold nuggets of 23 plus Karat of 99.9% purity. All transaction and export is strictly monitored by the Government Gold and Diamond Office (GGDO).