Sierra Leone is reputed as being among the countries that have the largest deposit of various minerals including gold, diamond, platinum, zircon, bauxite and so on and recently, a discovery has been made of large deposit of crude oil and iron ore. Large deposit of iron ore has been discovered in various locations in the country which has placed Sierra Leone as having the largest deposit of iron ore Africa. Currently, the biggest players in the iron ore sector are African Minerals and London Mining and more companies are expected to invest in both the oil and iron ore sectors. Tonkolili district where African minerals is currently mining, has an ore deposit of 12 billion tones and is believed to be one of the largest iron ore deposits in the world. Precious Stone Invements also have largest concessions on Iron Ore, Bauxite, Titanium, Tantalite, Zirconium, Chromites, gold and diamond and also export good quality bonny light crude oil with a favorable conditions of transaction and in large quantity.